Winter mornings.

Im not sure what it is about these cool, fresh days but for me, they are motivating!
For so long I have been trying to find my morning mojo, and suddenly along with the cool weather it appears to have rocked up. 

I don't know if it's the grounding routine of gathering wood and lighting the fire, or if it's the fresh, clean cool air?  Either way, Im not complaining.  And neither will our guests tonight - I'm kind of working on a sermon for next week, while really procrastinating on my blog and pottering away on a lemon meraunge pie to break it up.  Made from our home grown lemons.  I'd like to add home grown eggs, but it seems our chooks have turned into a bunch of free loading slackers.....Thanks for that girls.....No amount of varied food, fresh straw, and all you can eat buffet seems to be able to coax them out of their egg withholding slump.  Nope, it seems this cool weather we are happening has ruffled their feathers and they are well and truly sulking about it! 

This little oven requires quite alot of watching, and attention being so small but it still warms the little cottage beautifully.

'Mums are out in full bloom, the plants are leaning over they are so laden with flowers.  Its nice to be able to bring them inside and they last for a full week.

A morning spent pottering in here, washing on, fire crackling, sun shining, Loren Kate playing.

Home made pastry - I know, I feel like I deserve a medal for effort.  Friday night is usually our pizza and wine night with friends.  I am usually on a cooking strike by Friday night....ha!

The old rolling pin is many generations old.  My fathers family used to be dairy farmers in Berry, NSW, and know this pin is from the family farm.  I'm 6th generation Australian, and I'm not sure how long this rolling pin goes back.  It is rustically hand made, though worn smooth from years of use.  It's singed in places from being left too close to a wood fire in it's day I suspect. 

Little Henry size biscuits with the off cuts of the pastry. 

Gladiolas are out!

My greens looking happy and healthy....and the stinging nettles....ouch! 

Henry is tired this morning, still hanging out in his PJ's, watching ABC kids, which seems criminal on a day like today.  But he is tired, Aggie the Scottish TERROR chewed all his dummies....I know, I know, he is too old for dummies but I like sleep, what can I say?  Anyway, last night he didn't sleep with any dummy and he did great - though I feel he didnt sleep all that well.  So a lazy day today. 

Though I did sign up to join in on a blogging workshop HERE on Down to Earth, which I'm really excited about.  I tend to be fumbling about as I go.  So it will be wonderful to get some fresh inspiration and ideas and advice from Rhonda when the time comes. 

On that note, he has just informed me it is time to make play-dough.  So I had better get too it! 

Much love,


  1. I love the cooler mornings too. I rug up and go for a walk, feed and chat with the chickens, potter in the yard for a while and then warm up the kitchen with cooking.
    Henry looks as though he is having a super day - these are days to cherish.
    I'm also looking forward to Rhonda's course.

    1. Will be great to "meet" you! :)

      They are just beautiful aren't they? My favourite time of year I think. Xx

  2. I am loving these cooler days too, Emma. Waking up that bit later, rugging up in my trackies and coming out to a quiet kitchen in time to see the sky painted pink as the sun rises. I think your little display, in the centre of your table, is just gorgeous! I need to make some new napkins for us to use but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of your blogging course with Rhonda. Meg:)

    1. I keep meaning to make soft flannel hankies for us all but keep forgetting also. My napkins are all op-shopped, but then none actually match! :)


  3. I hope your playdough making went as well as the pastry making. I am very impressed with your efforts. My pastry tends to be something that would be best used as a ships anchor. I can bake just about anything but not pastry.
    The cooler weather arrived here on June 1st. Temperature is relevant to where you live. Here it is cold when the overnight temp gets down to 12. That's when the doona goes on the bed. We have been sleeping with the crocheted rug on the bed for a month or so. Yesterday I had my cardi on all day. Today I am in Tshirt and shorts as I am out of the wind. I might have to put a cardi on if I went outside.
    I love the cooler nights and mornings. We don't have an indoor heater of any sort. When it gets a bit cool we have some crocheted throws to pull over us. Our 13 year old jack Russell will start to shiver in the late afternoon and this signals it's time for her to have her jacket on. I like being able to do the normal household chores without getting all sweaty. Yes I am liking the cooler weather.
    I am going to go and use up some old bananas and make some choconana muffins. Have a great week.

    1. Your muffins sound great!

      We are thinking of putting another feather doona on the bed - apparently I am stealing it all and grant is getting a sore back...oops! The old house is only half insulated. Xx


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